Montecuollo Chiropractic  

"Maintaining a human touch in health care"

Who We Are-

The Montecuollo Chiropractic Office is a full service chiropractic practice that holds a long-standing place in the community.  Originally founded by Dr. Arnold Montecuollo over 40 years ago, the practice began as a family owned, family operated facility, where patients were treated as neighbors, not just numbers. Our reputation was built by honest, hard work and a level of integrity one would want associated with the family name. 

Dr. Jean Montecuollo is now the solo practitioner in the office.  She maintains the smaller, personalized atmosphere characteristic of the practice all these years, and upholds the heritage of quality work and personalized service passed down from her father.

Office Hours:
10am-1pm  3pm-7pm

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Disks
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headaches

These are just a few of the issues we address in our gentle, natural approach to overall health.

What We Do

Our office offers patients a thorough evaluation and thoughtful consideration of their particular health concerns.  There is certainly no "cookie cutter" approach to care in this office---each case is different, and an initial treatment plan, and ongoing treatment, is specific to that individual and his/her needs.  To ensure this quality level of care, adequate time is allotted to initial and subsequent visits---patients are not rushed in and out.

The treatment itself is a gentle approach to care which is well-suited to serve a wide range of age groups and spinal conditions.  The doctor is able to accommodate patients with limited pain tolerance, and those who would rather not have a "cracking" type of adjustment.

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