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"Maintaining a human touch in health care"


     “Dr. Jean Montecuollo, aka ‘magic fingers’, is an amazing chiropractor as well as a genuinely caring person.  I deeply appreciate her gentle manner, individual attention, and pain free adjustments.  Dr. Jean attends conferences for professional growth and uses a variety of current methods to achieve the result needed for comfort.  Her staff is welcoming and friendly and patients are seen on time yet never rushed during treatment.  No need to think twice about choosing Dr. Jean!”

 Veronica L.


    "I have been a patient of Dr. Jean for almost 28 years. My second child was born in June of 1986 and by Thanksgiving of that year I was experiencing severe back pain. Since I was nursing I was reluctant to take pain medication. Dr. Jean was recommended to me, I called and she graciously opened her office on the day after Thanksgiving and provided me with tremendous physical and mental relief. I have been a patient and a fan ever since. For me the office is a calm oasis from my hectic lifestyle! Dr. Jean's chiropractic skills, the soft classical music, the quiet office...combine to relax and rejuvenate as well as relieve pain."

 Bonnie P


     “The right chiropractor makes all the difference.  I had been seeing a local chiropractor after suffering from severe shoulder pain, and had improved about 75% of the way, but made no further progress in a year.  My parents, current patients of Dr. Montecuollo, convinced me that her methods were incredibly effective and worth the 3-hour drive.  After the very first appointment, I got back mobility I hadn’t had in a year, and was at 90%.  I was back to 100% in no time, and with regular visits, Dr. Montecuollo keeps the little kinks from everyday life from turning into big problems.  I’ve learned the difference between a good chiropractor and a great one, and Dr. Montecuollo is definitely great.”

 Teri J.


     “I have received nothing less than the finest in competent and compassionate care. Treatments are performed in a relaxing and comfortable environment. I consider the staff as family, and trust explicitly its treatments and recommendations. Dr. Jean is a jewel.”

  Bob L.


     “I first started going to Dr. Jean years ago at the suggestion of a coworker. I had persistent neck pain and headaches, and occasional low back pain, and was taking way too much ibuprofen. I had never considered going to a chiropractor, in part because I was afraid of having my neck "cracked", but I was even more concerned about alternatives. Dr. Jean put me at ease at once, explained the damage caused to the spine over time, and began a conservative treatment program. In time I didn't need the pain pills at all, but continued with regular appointments to keep feeling well. 

     My husband and I go for regularly scheduled care, driving about 90 miles round trip, and I'm sure, passing many chiropractors along the way. We say that we hope Dr. Jean doesn't retire for a long time. We trust her kind, thoughtful, patient approach to treatment. We have never felt rushed. The office staff is kind, caring and efficient, and the atmosphere is calming.”

   Anne and Bill J.


     “I first met Dr. Jean about 23 years ago when I was going from doctor to doctor in so much pain with my back.  From day one I have felt a part of her family.  I call Dr. Jean the ‘miracle worker’ because she has always been able to fix my ailments – including the ones that I was told either required surgery or there was nothing that could be done!.  I have called Dr. Jean on a Friday night with a migraine and she opened up her doors for me instantly (yes – she helps migraines too!!).  I have recommended Dr. Jean to many people (including my now husband) and no one has been disappointed!!  I am very grateful for all that Dr. Jean has done for me (and continues to do when I have the chance to get to her office).  My 10 year old started having back pain and what was the first place I thought of taking him?  You guessed it!!  Dr. Jean!!” 

Kelley H.


“From my very first visit to Dr. Montecuollo's office I have always felt comfortable and cared for. To add to this, Dr. Jean has done wonders for the back pain I have suffered for a long time. She is just great!”

 Lilian P.


“I have been in Dr. Jean Montecuollo's care on and off for many, many years, and she has always helped me back on my feet.  On more than one occasion I suffered with sciatic nerve inflammation and could not put any weight on my one leg. Thanks to Dr. Jean Montecuollo's professionalism, her caring and her uplifting encouragement, along with exercise instructions, I regained full and painfree mobility. Also, her office staff is friendly and extremely helpful on all fronts. I recommend the Montecuollo Chiropractic office to anyone, without a moment's hesitation.”

 Rosa H.


     “Several years ago a friend who was a patient of Dr. Montecuollo recommended that I see her for the pain and restricted mobility I was experiencing in my neck and upper back. An x-ray revealed arthritis in some vertebrae, a likely result of an injury several years before.        After two treatments I felt great relief, and within a relatively short time I had better mobility and hardly any pain. I have been Dr. Montecuollo's patient ever since. She is a skilled chiropractor who performs gentle treatments that have always eased my arthritic condition, as well as other skeletal and muscular issues that developed over the years. A visit to her office is never intimidating. On the contrary, she is a caring doctor and a good listener who treats her patients as individuals. I have great trust in Dr. Montecuollo and feel truly grateful for the good care she has given me!”

 Marie F.


     “Dr. Jean is always accommodating when I need her. Gentle treatment when necessary, stronger treatment when necessary.  Pain is gone quickly after treatment by Dr. Jean!”

 Fran V.


     “I was literally on the verge of having knee surgery (bilateral release) after having tried two years of physical therapy, braces, etc., for subluxation of the knee. When hurricane Sandy hit, my surgery was postponed due to power outages - and that's when I thought I'd give chiropractic care a try, albeit with a degree of skepticism.   
 At the recommendation of my friend and neighbor, I went to see Dr. Jean. suffice to say, based on how I feel and move now, surgery is the furthest thing from my mind.  Dr. Jean and her staff, including her cheerful office manager, Ellie, have taken care of me and my aches and pains to the point that I look forward to my visits, knowing I'll feel better both physically and mentally. 
I had always thought chiropractic care was to be scoffed at, but I am a firm believer now, especially when it comes to Dr. Jean and her calm, effective techniques.  It's a joy to work with her, although she does all the work.  It's like spending time at the gym without raising a finger, but reaping all the benefits. The location is convenient and inviting, the fees very reasonable, and everyone is made to feel right at home, with the time and attention a client deserves. I heartily recommend Dr. Jean for these reasons and more.”

 Josephine P.


 “Dr. Jean has changed my life. After suffering migraines 2 to 4 times a week for much of my life, I began to go to her for treatment and I've not had a migraine in over 10 years. She has also helped with neck and shoulder pains for which I'm very grateful.”

 Anita D.


     “Dr. Montecuollo has been a crucial doctor in my therapeutic achievements. Prior to going to Dr. Jean, I was unable to sit for a sustained period of time. After merely a few treatments, I was able to sit for a longer duration and transition to standing with greater ease and minimal to no pain. She is compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. I am lucky to have met her when I did, as I am now enjoying those activities which I have not been able to perform for a very long time.”

 Pratima S.


     “The first time I went to see Dr. Jean I was in terrible pain. She started working on my back (her fingers were lighter than air) and in a few days I felt great again. Since then I've had the honor to be helped for my aging body many times and always with great results. Dr. Jean listens to the patients and answers questions. She spends a long amount of time with patients (my family Doctor, who is very nice, spends only 5 to 10 minutes).The staff is very friendly and courteous too! The office is always clean and very comfortable, too. My son my daughter and my wife are also happy patients of Dr. Jean. Thank you Dr.!”

  Giovanni O.


“I have been a patient of Doc Jean’s for over 20 years.  I can’t begin to tell you all how her talent and skills as a chiropractor has helped to enhance the quality of my life!  I go whenever I need to see her. There is never a set schedule or pressure to ‘keep coming for visits’ which I have experienced in the past with other chiropractors.  My 14 year old son who is a lacrosse and football player is now a patient of hers as well.  He experiences great discomfort and pain as an athlete and her visits always put him back on track and he feels so much better. Her office team is kind and helpful as well... Doc Jean is a real gem!!”

Barbara P.


      “It was an absolute pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Montecuollo’s. From the comfortable office, to the pleasant staff, I wouldn’t think twice if I ever needed a place to return to for care.”

 David A.


     “I have been a patient of Dr. Jean Montecuollo for nearly 20 years.  I had suffered for a long time with my back going out, as I would put it, to where I was deformed as I walked until my backache went away.  I never knew the cause.  Dr. Montecuollo was recommended to me by a coworker.  Dr. Montecuollo was able to diagnose the problem and has been keeping me in line ever since.  I had been to other Chiropractors, or as I liked to call them Pretzel Doctors.  Dr. Montecuollo was different.  With the gentlest touch of her hand she is able to find exactly where the problem is located and the treatment isn’t always the same, unlike what I had experienced previously.  

     Dr. Montecuollo is a gifted Chiropractor.  Her office environment is one of warm greetings, kindness, understanding, compassion and expert health care.”

 Karen M.


     “As a client for 25+ years I can attest to the high quality of care Dr. Jean provides.  A visit to Montecuollo Chiropractic is equal to a spa treatment for the body and mind. The staff and environment are warm and friendly.  Ample treatment is provided to maximize relief.  I travel from Monmouth County and have no intention of seeking a chiropractor closer to home.”

 Donna S.


“I never realized how much better I would feel after I began to go to Dr. Jean and her treatments kept all my parts in balance. At 75, I do much more than most people younger than myself, can accomplish.”

 Al D.









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