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During her years as a chiropractic student, and throughout her 40+ years in practice, Dr. Jean Montecuollo has studied and utilized a specialized chiropractic adjusting technique called Sacro Occipital Technic, or SOT. This technique is a low force method of influencing the spine. The doctor utilizes gentle leverage, and the patient's own respiratory cycles, to create spinal movement.  The body is then guided to move in the desired manner until a correction is achieved.  Should additional force be necessary to move any particular spinal segment, the doctor has many method options to choose from, and will always tailor the choice based upon an individual's comfort level.

SOT also includes specific techniques that enable the practitioner to work directly with the cranium.  The skull is comprised of individual bones, and if these are "locked up", they create symptoms, much the way spinal  bones can.  In cranial work the doctor utilizes gentle stretching techniques, or simply holds the skull with various hand positions while the patient breathes.  This helps release cranial bone fixations.  Many patients have found relief with such conditions as headaches, sinus problems, vertigo, and ear infections (yes, children too!) after receiving cranial work.

Sacro Occipital Technic is a highly respected technique within the chiropractic profession.  Developed over 50 years ago, SOT has withstood the test of time, and is currently utilized by doctors of chiropractic all over the world.

Dr. Montecuollo is a certified SOT practitioner.  She received her certification from SOTO-USA, an international organization of chiropractors dedicated to the teachings and principles of chiropractic practice set forth by the renowned founder of SOT, Dr. Major B. DeJarnette.








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